Interventions & Family Support

In 2017, after completing CANAM Interventions Training and Skills 101 Certificate program Marc began facilitating intervention services for families within the Vancouver and lower mainland areas. Marc’s own personal experience as well as his passion for helping others, drives him to provide families with a comfortable and compassionate setting to help their loved ones.

Beginning the process of healing.

  • During the process of intervention, Marc gets to know the client through the eyes of friends and family. He coaches loved ones through the intervention stages including taking the time to discuss the illness of addiction.
  • Personally interviewing family members and friends who will be a part of the intervention. With the background provided, the best approach for each client can be created, as no intervention is the same.
  • Provide instructions, support, guidance and feedback for the letter writing process
  • Establish time and location to host the intervention and assist with identifying the most appropriate treatment facility
  • Meet family and friends one hour prior to intervention, to create a comfortable, open and safe environment for everyone involved, including the client
  • Facilitate the intervention with kindness, compassion and respect to take the first step toward healing for everyone involved.
  • Transport client to treatment and debrief with family/friends
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Recovery Coaching

In 2016, Marc’s passion for recovery and sober living lead him to become a Recovery Coach. Marc has worked with many clients who have completed residential treatment programs and assists them with building and strengthening life skills, helping them continue to grow in a positive way and to incorporate recovery into their new lives.

  • Build a trusting, honest and open relationship
  • Help clients maintain and stay connected to their recovery program post-treatment
  • Help with life skills, including hygiene, nutrition, physical health, budgeting, goal setting, job search, volunteering, and establishing healthy routines.
  • Help mediate relationships between clients and their loved ones

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