Joey McGeough
Joey McGeoughGroup Facilitator

Joey was born and raised in Whistler B.C. He was very active in his early years competing in basketball, soccer and track and field. Joey still has a passion for sports like rock climbing, running and working out. He has a background in costumer service with his family business in whistler as well as experience as a Ace certified Personal Trainer.

In 2015 Joey moved to Vancouver to start his own recovery journey. After completing a treatment stay in December of 2015 he immediately started volunteering with TWC. After a short volunteer stint, he was offered a house manager and support worker position within the company. It was not long before he was working as TWC’s Client Care Coordinator and eventually asked to move into a counselling role were he is now currently counselling in a full time capacity.

Joey’s interests are broad. He study’s biology and psychology as well as physics. He likes to play guitar and rock climb. He currently is in school to obtain a CCAC designation and holds certifications in:

-Basic counselling skills
-Individual counselling skills program
-Narcan, train the trainer
-Group counselling skills
-American counsel on exercise personal training
-Non violent crisis intervention
Joey McGeough
Group Facilitator

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