Do you offer sober transportation?


We can provide professional full time Sober Companions and Body-Guides, trained to deliver clients pre, post and during treatment to their destinations, with the knowledge that their transportation is safe [...]

Do you offer sober transportation?2018-07-12T12:10:52-07:00

What is an intervention?


An intervention is the first step towards addiction recovery. It is particularly relevant for inducing willingness to change in your loved one who may be resistant to accepting help e.g. [...]

What is an intervention?2018-07-12T12:13:44-07:00

Alcohol Counselling & Drug Counselling


Speaking with one of our expert alcohol counselling and drug counselling staff, in total confidence is the FIRST step on the road to a solution. With real experience we take [...]

Alcohol Counselling & Drug Counselling2018-07-12T12:16:40-07:00

What is a Sober Coach/Recovery Coach


The primary purpose of a Sober Coach or Recovery Coach is to assist and support adults and adolescents with their need to remain substance abuse free and improve their overall [...]

What is a Sober Coach/Recovery Coach2018-07-12T12:22:39-07:00

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Marc has worked with several clients who have completed residential treatment programs and assists them with building and strengthening life skills, helping them continue to grow in a positive way and to incorporate recovery into their new lives.


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