Bert Pasqualotto
Bert PasqualottoCounsellor/Sober coach

Alberto (Bert) Pasqualotto was born in Victoria, BC. He moved to Salmon Arm, BC, in time for daycare. From grade 9 to well past graduation he lived in Maple Ridge, BC, where much of his family still lives today. He spent 3 years in Antigonish, NS, attending STFX University before returning back and remaining in BC. He currently lives in Langley BC.

From a family of teachers, he was taught the importance on getting an education. So while back in BC, he graduated from the Computer Information System Diploma Program at Douglas College. He spent a number of years as an Application Developer creating Labour Management Software.

After Y2K, Bert spent 3 years in Kelowna as a warehouse manager of the King of Floors. He again returned to Maple Ridge and worked at a number of local flooring stores, before finally having the confidence to start his own flooring and tile installation company which he ran for many years.

Bert has now been involved in recovery and the recovery community for over a decade. He got his work start by doing office work while living in and managing recovery houses for the Giving Back Support Recovery Society in East Vancouver for over 5 years.

Hoping to gain some more experience and education, Bert transitioned into working overnights for RainCity Housing and Support Society in Vancouver’s DTES for a very difficult 1.5 years. Bert became accustom to regularly administering naloxone and applying his first aid skills to help clients.

In 2017, he moved back into “the solution” to start working as a support staff member at Together We Can. Hard work paid off, as he was quickly placed in charge of the Elevate Life Wellness Program as Support Supervisor.

Bert has always focused on learning new skills for use in the recovery field. He has completed the CANAM Interventions Training and Skills 101 Certificate program and advanced training programs at the Crisis Centre of BC for applied suicide prevention training, to name a few.

Also, since 2016, Bert has slowly picked away at courses in the Addictions Counselling Program at Vancouver Community College, allowing him to balance full time work and school. In 2020 Bert completed his practicum and graduated this program. In 2021 he received his designation as a CCAC (Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor) from the CACCF (Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation)

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